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How Our Service Works 

Urbin Attic - Stuff When You Need It. Storage When You Don't.

Experience the convenience and comfort of premium storage 

Is stuff taking over your space? A home is a place for living, not for stuff. Don’t let out-of-season clothing, sporting gear, and other possessions prevent you from living comfortably in your space.

Urbin Attic provides convenient on demand storage for all your stuff, including:

  • Out-of-season clothing
  • Collectable items
  • Furniture
  • Sporting gear
  • Holiday decor
  • Much more!

Everything is done on your schedule, not ours. Our team of professional movers will handle pickup and delivery so you never have to worry about transportation. Plus, our high-tech, door-to-door tracking system ensures you’ll know where all your items are at all times.


Getting started 

Our process is simple…

  • Place an order online to get started.
  • Pack and list your goods online.
  • We’ll come pick up your stuff and transport it to our storage facilities.
  • Need your stuff again? Just click or call anytime, and we’ll schedule a delivery-- right to your front door.

Are you ready to take control of clutter and simplify your life?

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Happy Clients Say.

Matt Moss

“I spend most of my life outside mountain biking, skiing, and windsurfing. My apartment looked like an REI showroom with gear everywhere. Now I keep most of it at Urbin Attic. It’s brilliant - I can order my skis on Thursday and they delivery them to me in time to hit the slopes Saturday”

Christa Rose

“To make room for our first child, we turned our small home office in our already small apt into a nursery. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with where to put everything. Urbin Attic was just the ticket, including picking up and delivering everything for a very pregnant mommy.”

Sarah Cotherin

“I use to have this nightmare closet full of plastic bins of clothes, handbags and shoes. And buying something new always meant getting rid of something to make space. Now I store my seasonal wardrobe with Urbin Attic and have them deliver what I need, when I need it.”

Kevin Saman

“Urbin Attic put an end to the question “what do I do with my stuff at the end of the semester?” They brought me boxes and took everything to storage. Way better than renting a storage unit. They even dropped my stuff off at my new apartment when summer ended for free. Great service.”

Ready to get started?

Still have questions? Email us at or call (844) 908.7246

Experience Premium Storage

Urbin Attic’s premium storage includes:

  • Free 1st month bin delivery & pick-up
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Online catalog to track your stuff

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