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Feel stressed and overwhelmed? Maybe life is too hectic and you want to make things less complicated? Maybe you’re just trying to spend less money?

No matter the reason, simplifying can be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise busy life. For this month’s blog post, we’ve outlined our top 7 ways to make life less complicated by simplifying.



Organize your living space 

It's hard to be relaxed, comfortable, and productive when you’re in a cluttered and disorganized environment. When you don’t know where anything is, you’ll end up:

  • Buying duplicates of items you already have
  • Losing items since you won’t know where they are 
  • Spending more time than necessary keeping your home tidy 

When your home is organized, you’ll lead a more efficient life and  spend less time worrying. Some even say that cluttered spaces create anxiety. Don’t let this happen to you!

Some tips for a less cluttered, more organized home….

  • Label things. If you are using storage containers, make sure you label what’s in the container.
  • Designate homes for everyday items and stick to them. Having a spot for your keys and coats that you always use will keep you from spending time trying to find them.
  • Always immediately put away laundry and groceries. When these stay out, they create a cluttered space.
  • Complete a nightly sweep of any clutter or messes around your home. Starting fresh in the morning will help you start off your day the right way.  
  • When you use something, put it away when you are done. This will keep things from piling up around your house.


Live in a space you can manage

Here in the United States, bigger is often thought of as better. Whether it’s cars, homes, or cheeseburgers, there’s often a natural tendency to want bigger things.   

Many people around the world have found that living in a smaller space can actually make you a lot happier, even here is Seattle

Benefits of living in a smaller space include: 

  • Less space to manage. From cleaning to organization, a smaller space means less time actively working on keeping things tidy.
  • A focus on the things that matter. When you live in a smaller space, the focus becomes more on you and your interests than physical “things”. 
  • Decorate properly. When you have a massive space to decorate, your furniture, art and personal photos are spread thin. In a small space, you can decorate a space you’re proud of.
  • Less money. A smaller space almost will always mean less money spent on a mortgage or rent. This means you can spend that money on higher quality place, be in a neighborhood you’d rather be living in, or even spend it on travel or a hobby.
  • A focus on your social life. Living in a smaller space will make you spend more time out of your apartment and with the people who are close to your, strengthening your relationships.



On-demand storage

While living in a smaller space will probably make your life better, losing your ability to keep important things you love may not. 

The best way to still live simply and hold onto the things you love? On-demand storage!

On-demand storage through Urbin Attic lets you hold onto the things you love while still keeping your space tidy, acting as a large extra closet. Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase just the amount of storage you need for the items you actually need to store. You don’t need a whole unit if all you need to store is a bike and your seasonal clothes! 
  • Schedule a pick-up on your schedule using our website, tracking where your items are at any time using our tracking system
  • When you need your stuff, schedule a delivery for when you need them

Learn more about how on-demand storage can help you simplify your life!



Simplify your diet 

Simplifying your diet is a great way to be healthy, spend less money, and feel more energetic throughout the day. Studies show that eating a healthier diet will make you happier and more productive, in addition to just plain being a healthier person. 

Here are some tips for transforming your diet into one that is “simple:”

  • Center your diet around fruits, vegetables, and legumes 
  • Limit the amount of processed foods 
  • Drink a lot of water 
  • Limit excess amounts of trans-fat and sugary foods 
  • Stick to foods with small ingredient lists

In addition to saving you money in the end, eating foods that are nutritious and unprocessed will help you feel more energetic in your day-to-day life. This will give you more time and energy to focus on and do the things you love.

Prepare your food in advance

Preparing your food in advance will save you time (and money) so you can fully enjoy your time after work and stick to a diet that will help you feel good. When you prep meals in advance, you will…

  • Not have to shop or do excessive cooing after work or school. This allows you to spend time on things you actually enjoy
  • Better manage your health and fitness goals, as you will be planning your food from a strategic perspective at the beginning of the week as opposed to after work when you are hungry 
  • Save money, as you will prepare multiple dishes at once so can more efficiently use ingredients

We recommend planning out and preparing a week’s worth of meals every Sunday, but the best advice is to fit it in when it makes sense with your life.



Live a sustainable life

Put simply, living sustainably is living in a way that is conscious of the amount of resources you are using. The goal with this type of living is to lessen your impact on the earth and live within the resources which are available to us. While 30 years ago this was difficult, lifestyles and cities today are setup to be accommodating to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Some great ways to start living more sustainably include: 

  • Using less water: Make sure you don’t leave the shower on longer than it needs to be! 
  • Use less plastic: Everything from not buying bottled water to bringing reusable shopping bags to the grocery store helps
  • Eating less meat: Meat is one of the least sustainable foods on the planet given the amount of resources it takes to raise animal products 
  • Replacing the appliances in your home: Use  energy-star appliances to help reduce energy-use, limiting your carbon footprint 
  • Recycle and compost: Limiting the amount of waste going into a landfills is one of the easiest ways to live sustainably, as most cities (including Seattle!) will pick them up right from your driveway! 



Ditch your car 

Ditching your car and living a car-less lifestyle will save you money, make you live healthier, and allow you to more fully integrate yourself into a community that fits your lifestyle.

Part of ditching your car is living in place that will allow you to do so. This means living in a city and neighborhood with:

  • A grocery store and pharmacy nearby 
  • Good access to public transportation 
  • A good walk score
  • Bike paths, bike share, other alternative forms of transportation

While some may see this as limiting, having a greater reliance on your immediate neighborhood will allow you to fully come to know and integrate within your community. 


Want to simplify your life but still unsure about on-demand storage? 

Read our step-by-step comparison of on-demand storage vs self storage and see the difference for yourself:

On-Demand vs. Self-Storage: Which is Right for You?

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