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Living sustainably in Seattle is easier than you think. Doing so not only ensures the long-term viability of our planet – it can save you money as well! 

We love practicing what we preach at Urbin Attic, and in this post we’ll outline our top ways to live sustainably – and save – in Seattle.



Buy for quality, not quantity

With the prevalence of discount stores and fast-fashion clothing brands, our culture has become more and more obsessed with trends and finding the least expensive option for the “now.” While it may be momentarily be less expensive, cheaply made and priced items will never last very long.

Buying a well-made product will be cheaper and more environmentally friendly in the long run. One pair of $70 jeans costs less than 3 pairs of $30 jeans if they last three time as long. They also require 3 times less material and transportation, making it 3 times less impactful on the environment.



Reusing items

Similarly, reusing items creates less environmental impact than constantly buying new items. You can do this by purchasing second-hand items that otherwise would have been tossed out or by simply not throwing away items because they’ve been lightly used. Who knows when you’ll need something again? 

Even if you need to use on demand storage or let a friend borrow the item, you’ll have it when you need it as opposed to spending money and environmental resources on a brand new one.



Live in a smaller space

Living in a smaller space allows for you to live more simply. Many people find that smaller spaces can also make you happier! It also means you need less junk in your home, all of which would have required resources and energy to build. This also lets you focus on the quality element again, and you can spend your hard earned money on things that actually matter to you.

Smaller spaces fundamentally will require less energy to power and control temperature, meaning you’ll be relying less on the grid.


City living 

As Seattleites, we often have to live in smaller spaces, but are able to live fuller lives than people in suburban or rural areas. They also have less of an impact on the environment, even if it seems counterintuitive:  

  • Resources are concentrated in one area: When a grocery store serves more people, the impact on the environment is lessened since the products travel less to get to the one store than multiple locations 
  • Transportation: Since public transportation and walking options are available, residents of cities have to rely less on their car
  • Less space-per-person: One person can live on less land, meaning fewer trees are being cut down and resources used for building. It also means less intrusion on the rest of the planet. 
  • Tall buildings need less energy: When apartment buildings are stacked they need less energy to keep the space insulated and warm, lessening each dwellings environmental impact



Use on-demand storage 

On-demand storage with Urbin Attic is one of the best ways to live a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable life. Working as a more streamlined and efficient storage solution than traditional self-storage, on-demand storage allows you to purchase the exact amount of storage you need. 

Urbin Attic will then come pick up your items on your schedule, storing them in our secure facility using reusable bins and boxes we provide. Once you’ve purchased your storage, the process is simple:

  • Schedule a pick-up on your schedule using our website, tracking where your items are at any time using our online system
  • When you need your stuff, schedule a delivery for when you need them

On-demand storage is great for city living and allows you to:

  • Live in a smaller space, allowing for less energy use 
  • Invest in higher-quality items that you’ll want to keep for the long haul, whether you have space for them in your home right now or not
  • Drive less, as you won’t need a car to pick up the things you need. Simply call Urbin Attic at your convenience to get your seasonal and specialty items out of storage.


On demand storage can help you live a more active and sustainable life.
Contact us today for a free quote.  



Drive less 

Driving less is a great and immediate way to to reduce your impact on the environment. Not only are you limiting the need for oil-extraction, but by not driving you’re also improving air quality in Seattle. 

While it’s not always easy to use car alternatives given how integrated vehicles are in our transportation system and how cities are planned, there are always alternatives! These include:

  • Public transportation, including Seattle’s network of light rail systems, buses, and commuter rails 
  • Biking; Seattle has many bike paths making it easy to get around
  • Walking, which also has the added benefit of providing you with exercise!
  • Carpooling, like organizing  trips to the grocery store with neighbors, is great if there are no other options available


Reduce energy and water consumption

Reducing the use of energy and water can have a profound effect on your environment without having a negative impact on your day-to-day life. The Energy Resource Institute estimates that the American economy wastes between 61-86% of the energy that flows through it. With utility prices going through the roof and the availability of natural resources such as oil and water going down, conserving in necessary. 

Some great ways to conserve energy and water use include:

  • Using Energy Star Appliances to ensure a modern and efficient home
  • Only running the dishwasher or washing machine when it’s full
  • Using hot water with laundry only when clothes are very dirty 
  • Turning off lights and appliances when you leave a room
  • Using CFL bulbs, which use 25% the energy and last 10 times as long
  • Installing a low-flow shower head and taking shorter showers instead of baths
  • Making sure to turn your thermostat and water heater down when away from your home for multiple days



Don’t drink bottled water  

One of the worst things for our planet is the consumption of bottled water. In addition to often being lower-quality water and a more expensive option that tap water, plastic bottles waste enough energy to power almost 200,000 homes a year

Most importantly, plastic is simply unsustainable. More water is used in the making of a plastic one-time use water bottle than the water inside the bottle. It also uses lots of oil in the production of the bottles, leading to a large carbon footprint for even just one water bottle. Plastic is not biodegradable and often not recycled properly, leading to their inclusion in landfills for thousands of years into the future.  

Consider investing in a multiple use water bottle. These water bottles are long-lasting, durable, and often can even keep water cold for hours at a time. And don’t stop there! Consider investing in reusable straws, grocery bags, and other items that will reduce single use plastic items in your life. 


Get started towards a more sustainable life today

On demand storage from Urbin Attic can help you live life more sustainably by allowing you to do more with less. 

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